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Intuitive Leadership Training

People who embrace intuition as part of their skill set will experience a profound shift in their personal leadership style and mental health. You will become more adaptable, agile, and responsive to emerging trends and opportunities. By tapping into your intuitive intelligence, you will gain a deeper understanding of your own blueprint fostering stronger connections and collaboration with the right people around you.

Tapping into intuitive intelligence

Elevate your everyday life by seamlessly integrating the power of intuition into your decision-making. It's time to lead with purpose, trust your instincts, and create a life that resonates with authenticity and fulfillment.


When we meet each other in this way and in this kind of energy, we connect on a different level and are able to sense each other more clearly than we would if we talked, networked, and discussed in a more traditional fashion. This connection leads to the great benefit of not just a global network of like-minded people but also of connected hearts.

The connections you forge within such a network extend beyond professional benefits and may develop into lifelong friendships. It is our hope and aspiration that the network will continue developing after the 9 weeks and that you together will continue deepening your spiritual leadership.

Only 9 seats available

Next Intuitive Leadership Training (online): February

Once a week we train our intuitive leadership online

Intuitive Leadership is the art of being in sync with your intuition, energy, and inner wisdom and making decisions from this place of clarity and calm.

This is what we train in this session, as you will practice how to tap into your subconscious mind, make shifts and share from the heart.

9 week online program

Only 9 seats per. journey - next journey february 2024


Week 1:
Understanding Intuitive Leadership

• Introduction to Intuitive Leadership.
• Reflecting and deep listening.

Week 2:
Cultivating Self-Awareness

• Mindfulness Practices.
• Exercise: Daily Mindfulness.

Week 3:
Building Trust within the Team

• Trust-Building Activities.
• Exercise: Team-building Workshop.

Week 4:
Building Emotional Intelligence

• The Power of Emotional Intelligence.
• Emotional Resilience Techniques.

Week 5:
Integrating Intuition into Decision-Making

• Decision-Making Models According to Your Human Design. 
• Exercise: Decision Journal.

Week 6:
Communication and Intuition

• Effective Communication Practise.
• Intuitive Communication 1-1.

Week 7:
Conflict Resolution with Intuition

• Conflict Resolution Strategies.
• Exercise: Conflict Resolution Simulation.

Week 8:
Stress Management Techniques

• Understanding Stress in Leadership.
• Stress-Relief Practices.

Week 9:
Visionary Leadership

• Visionary Leadership Workshop.
• Exercise: Personal Vision Statement.



We meet on Zoom every tuesday 11 CET. The call last for one hour. 

After sign up you will get the full program, Zoom link and more pratical stuff. 

Every call starts with a meditation where we will tap into the collective/intuitive. 


"I want to say thank you for the fantastic "Train Your Intuitive Leadership" meditation sessions you've been leading for the Talent Garden Denmark community. Your initiative has been a big success, and our community has responded really positively 🙌🏻 Your approach to intuitive leadership has resonated well with our members and I have no doubt that your sessions are making a meaningful impact.

Thank you for your dedication to creating a valuable experience for all involved. Looking forward to more meditation sessions in the future!"

Lisa Winther NielsenLisa Winther NielsenEcosystem & Relations Manager


Sander infectious enthusiasm and commitment to delivering top-notch customer service set him apart as a reliable and trusted representative for the Coca-Cola brand.

Building on his success at Coca-Cola, Sander later transitioned to Carlsberg, a renowned brewery, where he continued to excel in the sales domain. With a passion for promoting quality beverages, Sander effectively communicated the unique features of Carlsberg products to clients and customers alike. His strategic approach to sales and knack for identifying business opportunities played a pivotal role in expanding Carlsberg's presence in the market.

Leaving behind the confines of the traditional workplace, Sander found his calling in guiding others on their journey to mindfulness through meditation. His unique blend of music and intuitive leadership techniques has garnered attention, creating a positive impact on those seeking balance and purpose in their lives.

Sanders story is a testament to the transformative power of pursuing one's true passions, and he continues to inspire others to discover their own path to fulfillment and well-being.

I have guided over +1000 meditations, facilitated +500 group sessions and for three years held online-live meditations every week for leaders all over the world.

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