Attract Your Next Soulmate

So what exactly is a conscious relationship and how do you attract one?
A conscious relationsship is a romantic relationship in which both partners feel committed to a sense of purpose, and that purpose is growth. Individual growth. Collective growth as a couple. Growth that makes the world a better place.


"Thank you for an outstanding workshop Sander.
I had an aha experience! And a lot of insights. I felt inspired, happy and calm and you touched my heart. Im ready !

- Louis Hudsin
Colorado, USA. 

(Next one: 8/8 10.00 AM C.E.T)



Many times it´s a blockage or a pain that lies in the past. We must open our hearts again. Nothing like meditation and music opens up a broken heart.


You attract what you are. That's why you have to shed old patterns, habits and poor self-esteem. And instead fill yourself up with love from head to toe. 


The present is the only thing that exists. Therefore, we must dare to dream big and work on the basis that your next soulmate is already part of your life. Your dream life!


Music is not to hear, it is to feel

Sander is a Soulguide which helps people find their next soulmate through meditation, music, silence & intuition.

Sander is a Danish singer songwriter who has been creating and singing heartfelt melodies since his teens. Lyrically soulful, and devotionally talented, Sanders music penetrate and inspires.


Sander has just released his second album "Return to love". The album explores the tender journey through love, compassion, and growth.

His music and meditations is a reflection of his spiritual journey, inspired by profound experiences on his travels and various teachings from around the world.

Its all about love.


We are approaching a period of time when relationships are ready to go through a major redesign. The current paradigm isn’t working. People are unsatisfied in love; people don’t know how to make relationships work.
And, believe it or not, this isn’t a bad thing. Because when systems break-down, that’s when they change. I believe that’s what’s happening in the area of intimate partnership. The break-down is forcing us to move towards conscious love.


When two people come together with the intention of growth, the relationship strives towards something much greater than gratification. The partnership becomes a journey of evolution, and the two individuals have an opportunity to expand more than they could alone. Deep satisfaction and long-term fulfillment arise as a result..

"Beautiful songs.Filles my heart and soul with so much joy! Thank you for sharing your touching music and making a difference!"

Barbara LoofBarbara LoofCalifornia, USA.

"This is beautiful!!! Thank you for the gentle reminder of what is possible in all of us. ❤️❤️❤️"

Manie ConnowayManie ConnowayJohannesburg, South Africa

"Thank you for such a calming & healing practice. Your guidance touched me deeply within & without. I loved each word you uttered & sang.. I truly felt grounded and hopeful and strengthened my self-love & compassion. I needed to hear your divine words that - I am a good person - Thank you so much, Sander🙏🏻".

MartheseMartheseWrexham, U.K.

Use headphones for a powerfull experience

Next workshop will be:

8/8 10.00 AM CET 2023


Call+45 24 94 57 94 or e-mail

"Music is not to hear, it is to heal".

- Sander


How long does the workshop last

Two hours and 15 minuts. 

What does the workshop include?

There are a total of three categories (healing, self-love and visualising). The workshop is about the actual implementation and integration of attracting a soulmate through:

1. Guided meditation (mental calm).
2. Acoustic guitar with own songs (opening the heart).
3. Collective silence (getting to the essence).
4. Intuition training (Action, response).

Do you have to have any prerequisites to be able to take part in the workshop?

No. Of course, it requires concentration for a longer period and it would therefore be inappropriate to attend the workshop after a long hectical day.

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Music is not to hear, it is to feel


Only 59$

if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me at +4524945794 or email at

Next Workshop:
8/8 10.00 AM CET.

The practical

After joining and paying you will get transportet to my website and a confirmation page where you find the link to the private facebook group where the workshop will take place.

Remember to bring pen & paper. 
- And headphones!

Looking forward to guide and facilitate the beautiful journey. 

- Sander